Luke Hearon, 20, stands with one of two of his beehives in his yard in Olentangy, Ohio, a rural suburb of Columbus. Hearon is a beekeeper and passionate student of entomology at The Ohio State University.

Bryce Dana’s sole form of transportation around Missoula is his gas-powered Yamaha scooter. He said it's top speed is 40 mph but he once got it to 50 when going downhill. When Dana has bread with him and it's raining he said the bread gets wet, but he just puts it in the oven when he gets home and eats it anyway. 

Stasia Orkwiszewski, manager of the University of Montana's newly-planted South Ave. Garden, holds yellow heirloom tomatoes under a tomato trellis. The tomatoes were later sent to UM's Food Zoo for students to eat as part of the university's Farm to Table program.

Haodong Xu is an exchange student from Beijing, China and is involved in both the Missoula International Friendship Program and the Global Partners Program. Through these programs he has been paired with a host family and a university student, respectively, who facilitate his life in Missoula, providing access to social networks that he may not have been able to access otherwise as an international student who is new to town. Xu said being a minority in Missoula has not been a problem for him and that the people here, specifically his host family and host student, are very kind to him. His favorite part about Missoula is the physical atmosphere. “Here I can breathe clean air and feel so good about it,” Xu said. He recently went canoeing on Seeley Lake and was impressed by the environment. “The water is so clean, unlike anything I ever have seen in China."

Bryce Dana holds a freshly-baked rye porridge loaf of bread in his kitchen. Baking is his passion and is his go-to when he has free time, even though each loaf takes him nearly six hours to make. "In the ideal world, I'd be able to stay home every day and make bread," Dana said.

Liz Ries-Simpson marches with her bike in the Missoula Festival of the Dead parade that took place on November 2 on S. Higgins Avenue. Ries-Simpson was marching with the Montana Dirt Girls, a womens mountain biking group based out of Missoula.

Sanders Smith pours a latte behind the bar of the new second location of Drum Coffee on E Broadway Ave. in Missoula. The new location features a 25 lb. batch coffee roasting machine, and Smith is one of two roasters heading up Drum's new effort to produce its own coffee.

Camp Limberlimbs camper Seth Billson (left) talks with counselor Brian Christianson (center) while camper John Luke Corbett enjoys a cup of coffee before dinner at Camp Limberlimbs, a camp for children with rheumatic diseases hosted by the Arthritis Foundation, which took place at Camp Mak-A-Dream in Gold Creek, Mont. on September 23-25, 2016.

Jerry Nelson applaudes a speaker from the back of the crowd at Missoula's Veterans Day ceremony on the front lawn of the Missoula County Courthouse on Nov. 11, 2016. Nelson was drafted into the Korean war and served in the Army's 45th Infantry Division from 1951-1953. Nelson said he returned home after the war without a scratch, feeling satisfied and like he'd done his civic duty to his country. He also raised a family after returning from war. "I've done what every other American has done even though I'm a veteran," Nelson said.

A Griz fan screams during the fourth quarter of the University of Montana vs. Southern Utah University football game on Oct. 1, 2016, at Washington Grizzly Stadium.